Sunday, February 06, 2011

Facing the truth

When I see people in sunglasses for no apparent reason, it reminds me that people wear masks so that they won't be seen. Perhaps we fear there's nothing within us to see. Or perhaps we know there's plenty to be seen. none of which we like very much, and so we wear a mask. It might be a false face of hilarity, or of fashion, competence, indifference, superiority, goodness, insouciance or victimhood. Whatever gets us through. We may have more than one mask, depending on our setting.

Mask are effective at covering us up and can fool most of the people most of the time. But there are problems.
When we are wearing a mask we can't feel the sun on our face for a deny us its golden touch. Neither can we feel the breeze on our face, which again is sad, because it's cooling and puts us in gentle contact with our surroundings.

And in  the end, a mask is a solution to nothing, fatally separating us from others. People wear masks so they will not be seen, when what they want most of all is the precise opposite : they long to be seen!

the reality of mask

don't hide your beauty behind your mask

cover up what have you done with mask!