Sunday, March 06, 2011

Broke up dengan bofriend?

Adakah anda seorang gadis yang sedang dalam kesedihan dan kekecewaan akibat broke up pakwe? sedang mengharungi hari2 tanpa semangat dan mengalami keputus asaan dalam mengerjakan sebarang aktiviti anda? anda memerlukan kata2 semangat untuk meneruskan hari anda? di sini lah jawapannye..haa..
check this out this video girls!! you will like it..guaranteed! :D

So? how 's it??
do u thinking what i'm thinking girls??
ok..lets talk about this video..
what can u say after watching this video?
what can u understand about this girl had been through?
do u think its worth to cry badly because of boy who had cheated on u??
and for sure the answer in NO!!
do u agree with me girls??
ur life is just not for a stupid boy who let u to be crush with him and then dump u as he like so..
come on girls! wake up babe!!
u have ur own beautiful life..
u have more important priority than make up love with useless guy
u need to study hard and achieve ur ambition..
i'm pretty sure that ur ambition is not going to be a mak cik cleaner rite?
i'm not to humiliate the profession of mak cik cleaner.dieorang pon carik rezeki halal kan but that's the true
ur ar going to have a lot of money and get all the things u want
big homes, superb expensive car, branded make up and even holiday trip to euro
so, u need to study smart and hard to get those of it
being a doctor, an engineer, a designer and even a model..who know?
just leave ur ex boyfriend and lets forget all the past
start ur new life with fresh spirit and just go WITHOUT HIM!!
yup!! i'm shouting at u WITHOUT HIM!!
wake up la girl!
kumbang bukan sekok la..
so, lets open ur eyes, ur heart and think about ur bright future
jgn duk pikir sangat pasal boyfriend2 ni..
belajaq dulu rajin2..
dah berjaya nanti baru la bercinta
do u agree with me?? =.='

nota kaki : u'r fooling me, then i'm fooling u back dumb!!