Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Women's Day!! :)))

What's in ur mind when u have been asking about Women's Day?
women's day?? this answer could be thrown out by people especially men or boys when they have been asking about women's day..
"ermm..ntah..saje nak sambut kot wanita2 kt dunia..just like mother's day..just give them some roses or chocolate lah..
is it??"
or maybe
" laa..wat apa nak sambut..budaya barat ja macam tu aih..tok sah nak sambut la aih.."
or could be like this
" errr..ade ke women's day??..cheq tak tao plak.."=.='

Actually what is women's day? wujud ke depa nih.. in russia we are celebrating women's day..everybody on leave for 3 days because of celebrating women's day!
that's quite shocking when people in russia celebrating women's day for 3 days..!
but that's the power of women!
kat malaysia, aku pon tak tao ade women's day..huhh!
in russia every husband, boyfriend or son will give their wife, girl and mother a bucket of flowers or maybe some chocolate..
and the most interesting part is women are not going to do all the houseworks for the whole 3 days!!
that's sound good rite ladies??
everything such as cooking, washing, cleaning are doing by men..
how gentle are them..don't u think?
they really love and respect women..
behind a man, there's always a woman..

Does celebrating women's day sounds good rite?
so, why we don't put some appreciation to all the women out there?
just land your hand to help ur mum cooking or dishing
spend a few hour to go out and having cndle light dinner with ur wife
or maybe just wishing ur girlfriend "happy women's day dear!"
that's already enough for us..we really appreciate that..
i think malaysian should realized the sacrifice and contribution of women already did
let's all women feel that they are being loved and appreciated..
it's easy to do it rite?

nota kaki : happy women's day! :D